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Account name:
La Salle Foundation
Account number:
130 7 04994 8
Bangkok Bank,
Bangna Branch

La Salle Sangkhlaburi


Multipurpose  building, February 2015

The building is nearly finished. Some pictures.

1.View of theand East side

    2.North side view


 3.Side view painted

4.The stage

5.The ceiling

6.Electric lights, ceiling and stage


7.Inside the building with tables , benches and lights

8.A table and two benches

9.Table and bench


10.Seventy-two tables



12.Inside view

13.West side view with underground room

14.Underground room

15.Stairs from underground room to stage

Our great thanks to Lasallian Foundation for their generous contribution



 IMG 0693     IMG 0697

      Multi-purpose building

Up to now the school does not have a canteen, or assembly hall or a place for activities during the rainy season. The multi-purpose building with offer these facilities for the students and the parents.

The school presented a project to the Lasallian  Foundation of Asutralia early January 2014. The Lasallian Foundation found support in Solidarity of the Center of the Institute of the brothers of the Christian Schools. The NGO Porticus of the Netherlands, through the Lasallian Foundation, is supporting a good part of the expenses.

The multi-purpose building has a capacity of nearly 500 square meters. It is made of concrete with metal sheet, light green, roof.

La Sallian British volunteers and PROYDE volunteers from Spain spent the month of July working on the building site laying the foundations. We appreciate their dedication very much.

It was started in early May 2014 and it should be completed in early February 2015.

Our great thanks to Lasallian Foundation, Solidarity, Porticus, the British Lasalian volunteers and the PPROYDE volunteers from Spain.


 IMG 0459   IMG 0722

อาคารเรียนชั้นประถมศึกษาปีที่ 4 - 6 และห้องคอมพิวเตอร์


Happy Birthday To You