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Account name:
La Salle Foundation
Account number:
130 7 04994 8
Bangkok Bank,
Bangna Branch

La Salle Sangkhlaburi


This institution tries to reflect the philosophy of catholic education where faith and culture go together. Man in all his dimensions receives encouragement and training to develop to its fullest.

Most of the children of this institution come from a geographical area where different cultures and ethnic groups intermingle (Thai, Karen, Mons, Burmese); they belong to different religions (Buddhism, Christianity, animism...). A good number of them are sons and daughters of migrant workers. Some of their ancestors have been living in the area for centuries but at present are practically stateless. At home they speak different languages. 



How are these children going to face the demands of the twenty-first century?



We believe that a free, good, basic education, following the Thai system of education, together with the devotedness and motivation of the staff can prepare these children to face the demands of the twenty first century in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Unless conditions change quickly and drastically in Myanmar, most of these children will want to find employment and finally settle within the confines of Thailand.

Since at present the physical conditions of the institution do not fulfill the requirements of the Thai educational system to be recognized as a school,  the first step is to improve the facilities as a Center of Learning and, within a short of period of time, to be recognized as a  “School answering special needs”.

We aim to follow the inspiration of the Thai National Educational Act number 35 that foresees special financial help to institutions that are free and cater for the needs of groups of disadvantaged people.


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