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Account name:
La Salle Foundation
Account number:
130 7 04994 8
Bangkok Bank,
Bangna Branch

La Salle Sangkhlaburi


The La Salle Learning Center (also called the Bamboo School) is a completely free educational institution of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (also known as La Salle Brothers) through the La Salle Foundation.


The inspiration to found this educational establishment comes first of all from the teachings and example of Jesus, the Lord, who manifested God’s gratuitous love for humanity.

It also receives inspiration from the life and teachings of Saint John Baptist de la Salle, Patron of teachers, who devoted his entire life to establish free schools for the poor in France in the seventeenth century. He was among the first ones in the world to defend, in court, the rights of children to free education.

This institution tries to follow the decisions of the 44th General Chapter of the Brothers of the Christians Schools that decided:

That the communities and Lasallian works, especially those closest to the situations of the migratory movements, establish programs and educational responses in favour of the concerned groups”

"Create and/or reinforce in each Region or District, at least 2 inter-district Lasallian communities (Brothers and Lasallians) to respond to the questions raised by migratory movements"

Great inspiration and encouragement have been received from the UN invitation to work for the “Goals of the Millennium” as well as the UN  “Declaration of Rights of the Children”.

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