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     The Bamboo School

      Looks to the future





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  January 2016



 The Bamboo School looks to the future

  When in November 2007 a group of lady teachers that were working for the Children of the Forest School went to visit some absent students and went to their houses to visit them in the village of the “Six Thousand Rai” they realized that there were still many children in that village who did not have a school to go to.

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They took the initiative of starting giving these children lessons under the rubber trees that their parents tapped for the latex to make rubber sheets. They could not have envisaged   that   eight years after their efforts would become a fruitful tree that the Bamboo School has become under whose shade five hundred stateless children are allowed to grow and get an education.  These stateless children are aged between 4 and 18 and are all receiving the best education La Salle in Sangklaburi can provide for them.

For reasons that will be explained shortly the Bamboo School project is located in two different campuses: The first campus (Three Pagodas Education Center) is located in the outskirts of the Village of “the Three Pagodas Pass “. This Pass is famous in Burmese and Thai history because it was the door through which the Burmese invaded Thailand several times. The other campus is located 12 kilometers from the Burmese border but inside Thailand: we call this place Parmenie (in Thai Pran-manee= God’s breath).


Three Pagodas Pass” education Center


It is located at three hundred meters from the Myanmar border. Located between mountains and near 2 villages it is an ideal location for the kind of school we intend to have for this project. Unfortunately it is on government land and within the area controlled and supervised by the military, who are not very happy we are there.


After a  time of uncertainty on the attitude of the military towards this project they finally have allowed us to continue doing what we are  doing but on condition that we do not expand or improve on this location. Everything built has to be temporary, mostly in bamboo: we can be kicked out of it any time.

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Even though the high voltage electric cables pass in front of the school we are not allowed to get permission to install electricity for the school.


In this Center we have two different groups of children. The first are the pre-school children, and the other one 2 preparatory classes altogether about one hundred and twenty children. Aged from five to twelve they learn the Thai language that will prepare them to start the primary education within the Thai education system. Some are kindergarten (age 5-6) and a second group of preparatory classes for children (age 7 to 12) who started school late. These are children of Burmese migrants who work tapping the rubber trees or daily construction workers.


  In these classes they learn to speak read and write the Thai language. This will prepare them to follow primary education at the second site of Parmenie.


The group of students called   Ko So No (non-formal education) are students who have been with us for nearly six-eight years but could not fit into the formal education system because of their age so they have been following the non-formal education system of the Ministry of Education under ourguidance   We are quite proud that nine of our students have already completed the primary education and all of them have started to study the first cycle of 3 years of the secondary education. One of them should complete 12th grade in October 2016.  All of them have expressed the desire to continue their studies at the secondary level and then tertiary level



In the original project of the Bamboo School we aimed at leading our students to complete the primary education only. However these students would like us to help them in their studies at least for a part of the secondary education.  This has been challenge for us:  How can we help these good students that, because of their age are not suitable for the formal education, but they want to continue studying with us, complete their secondary education.  We have found work for them in our school as assistant teachers or helping in the office and we pay them a salary to contribute to the income of the family. At present we can pay their salaries (nearly four hundred thousand baht a year) because of help received from PROYDE of Spain. In a couple of years they will be ready to continue tertiary education while working. How can we find support for them as they are very capable students.


The Night School that run for about 6 years has fulfilled its purpose and has been closed.


The Parmenie Campus


This is the natural extension and integral part of the program of studies offered at the Three Pagodas Pass campus. It is located within Thailand, 12 kilometers from the Myanmar border, in land belonging to the La Salle Foundation.


Here we are in a situation which is more protected by the law and more stable.


In the last three years, for reasons easy to understand, we have made bigger efforts to develop than the Three Pagodas Pass site.


Three hundred and sixty-four children receive education in the Parmenie Site. The project in this site is divided into two well defined sections.




The first is a group of one hundred and eleven children aged five to fourteen attending the   three preparatory classes. Even though most of them were born in Thailand and live within a radius of our school of Parmenie they do  not have access to any school in the area. For them we have built classrooms to answer their health and educational needs. These are children from different ethnic groups such as Karen, Burmese, Mon, etc., that speak their own tongue at home. When they come to school most of them cannot speak Thai. In our school are taught to speak, read and write Thai and when they are proficient enough will join grade one in the main section of the school and follow the primary education within the Thai system of education. They are aged 5 to 15


The NGO Edificando of our “Maravillas College” in Madrid and PROYDE have been supporting this program, after they originally helped us in the site of The Three Pagodas Pass. Our most sincere thanks to them


  The second group of 253 are the students that follow the primary education under the supervision of a local primary government school called Anuban Sangklaburi. Thus we are branched classrooms of that government school. Therefore these classes are recognized by the Thai Ministry of education, while the children in the other classrooms do not “exit” in the books of any Ministry of education either Thai or Burmese.

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There are 2 classes in each of grade; grades one two and five. Total of 10 classes. This beautiful building on the right was successfully completed with the help of Lasallian Foundation of Australia, Solidarity of the Mother House and Misean Cara of Ireland. To them our thanks.


These children are the future of the school. They follow the curriculum of the Ministry of education slightly adapted to their needs and so they are entitled to continue their schooling in other government schools if they so desire. Our aim is to complete the cycle of the six years of primary education and to become an independent charity school recognized by the Thai government.


For these children we have been very lucky to receive financial help from the Lasallian Foundation of Australia,   Solidarity of the Mother House and Misean Cara of Ireland. Because of their help we have been able to complete a multi-purpose hall and a two-story ten classrooms building (nearly completed).  From MANOS UNIDAS of Spain we received a new 6 meters long lorry for the transportation of students.


In March 2017 the first group of students will complete the six years of the primary education and many of them would like to continue on to the secondary education. Obligatory education in Thailand is nine years, which includes the six years of primary education and the first cycle of three years of the secondary education. The secondary education government school in Sangklaburi might take most of those wanting to continue their studies and many of them have expressed their desire  to  study  the first cycle (Matayom 1-3) of the obligatory education in our school. This is challenge for us in the coming years


Girls’ home

With the help of Saint Bede’s” College of Melbourne this year we have been able to answer a need for some of our girl students. A group of students considered as homeless were attending our classes. For a year and a half we rented a house with Miss Wirawan, one of our teachers, to be a home for these children. The temporary arrangement was not suitable for these children. For them now we have built a ‘Children’s Home”. These are children at risk whose parents are not able to look after them for many years and were abandoned with whatever person was willing to help them until they got tired of them. Besides lack of a place to live they have all kinds of unanswered educational, affective and health needs.

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The house is already open and the present time we have seventeen such children.  Up to now we have been to support these children with the help from different benefactors. PROYDE of Spain has been helping for 2 years and promised to help for one year and now we have to assure a permanent way of financing the project.

A house for boys in difficulty was built last year with the labour and financial help of St Bede’s students (Melbourne, Australia).


 The Brothers community was established in 2012. On November 24th, 2013 the community of the Brothers of the Sangklaburi celebrated their first birthday. This school year we are six Brothers in the community. Brother Lawrence from Myanmar is with us. The Brother Director Br. Joseph Klong and Brothers Benedict and John are of Thai nationality. Br. Victor is from Spain and Brother Mario from Malta

The presence of the new community in the Bamboo School project is a kind of backbone for the Bamboo School Project and has given it more stability.

Before concluding I would like to a few remarks

First of all these stateless children not only receive a free education but the school also offers them a small box of milk and a hot dish for lunch (for many of them the only meal of the day) every day which is much appreciated. We also provide them with uniforms, medical assistance, learning material and transport. All completely free. We have been able to do so thanks to the numerous benefactors inside and outside Thailand. To them our deeply felt thanks.


On the other hand the Bamboo School Project will not be able to improve or continue without the help received from different individual persons or groups of volunteers that have contributed so much to the improvement of the teaching and facilities. They have come to encourage us, to help build class-rooms and teach our students. They are most welcome to continue working with us.  In the short term our objective is to raise the standard of our primary classes so as to be of the standard required by the Ministry of Education to be recognized as a gratuitous school.  We will then stop being branched class-rooms from a government school and the Thai government will give substantial help to run the school.

After seven years running we have not become an independent gratuitous school yet. We continue to be a branched-class-rooms school attached to the Anubal Sangklaburi government school. The help we receive from the Thai government is rather small (about 10% of the expenses). Steps towards been recognized as the fourth school of the La Salle Foundation of Thailand are faultering.  We are still not sure whether the Thai government will accept our school as a gratuitous school because even if most of the children are Thai-born they are not Thai citizens and we do not know exactly what the policy of the Thai government is.

We have to start preparations to build an administration building providing space for the direction of the school, staff rooms and infirmary, etc.


Seven years is short time to measure all that has been accomplished but we must give thanks to god for the achievements.  We realize that we are in the middle of the road and we cannot stop of look behind. We must look forward to the road ahead

Date:  November 10, 2015   

  Brother Victor Gil Muñoz






 Bamboo Kinder-1



Bamboo Kinder-2



Bamboo Kinder 3


Bamboo Prep

Parmenie Kinder



Parmenie Kinder


Parmenie Kinder 1

Parmenie Prep 1

Parmenie Kinder 2


Parmenie Prep 2

Parmenie Primary 18


Parmenie Primary 1/8

Parmenie Primary 19



Parmenie Primary 1/9

Parmenie Primary 28


Parmenie Primary 2/8

Parmenie Primary 29

Parmenie Primary 2/9

Parmenie Primary 38


Parmenie Primary 3/8

Parmenie Primary 48

Parmenie Primary 4/8

Parmenie Primary 58

Parmenie primary 5/8

จำนวนนักเรียนโรงเรียนลาซาล อ.สังขละบุรี/Statistics of students








ชั้นประถมศึกษาปีที่  1/8   Primary 1/8




ชั้นประถมศึกษาปีที่  1/9/   Primary 1/9




ชั้นประถมศึกษาปีที่  2/8   Primary 2/8




ชั้นประถมศึกษาปีที่  2/9  Primary 2/9




ชั้นประถมศึกษาปีที่  3/8  Primary 3/8




ชั้นประถมศึกษาปีที่  4/7  Primary 4/7




ชั้นประถมศึกษาปีที่  5/8 Primary5/8




ชั้นประถมศึกษาปีที่  5/9  Primary 5/9












อนุบาล                         Kindergarten




เตรียม ห้อง  1       Prep 1




เตรียม ห้อง 2      Prep 2












อนุบาล ห้อง 1     Kinder 1




อนุบาล ห้อง 2     Kinder 2




อนุบาล ห้อง 3     Kinder 3




เตรียม ห้อง 1   Prep 1




เตรียม ห้อง 2   Prep 2
















นักเรียนระดับชั้นอนุบาล มีอายุ 5-6 ขวบ Kinder aged 5-6

นักเรียนระดับชั้นเตรียม มีอายุ 7-9 ขวบ  Prep 1 age 7- 9

นักเรียนระดับชั้นเตรียม มีอายุ 8-13 ปี   Prep 2 age 8-13

Multipurpose buliding



Multipurpose building

Our Lady of the Star Building



Our Lady of the Star Building




Happy Birthday To You


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